California’s cling peach raw material for canning this year is down by 13% from last year’s crop and acreage reductions

for next year have been already anticipated.

There are currently 15,697 peach bearing acres in California Cling peach raw material production for canning in California this year reached

256,178 short tons (260,276 tonnes), the California Canning Peach Association (CCPA) confirmed.

In the last five years, raw material production has decreased by 21% from 324,458 in 2014 to this year’s 256,178 tons, a cut monitored from the CCPA to balance the market.

This year, most of the contracted peach acreage due to expire in California, estimated in 1,075 acres, will not be renewed next season “in order to face with declining consumption, increasing import pressure and rising costs,” the CCPA and key peach canners PCP and Del Monte recently agreed.

In the context of a retaliatory tariffs trade, US canned peach imports from China between June to July this year increased 25% to 468,290 cases, according to the CCPA. Shipments from Greece reached 113,752 cases during these two months.