The market share of Chinese canned peaches to the US increased last year, presumably motivated by lower fob prices in an uncertain trade environment due to US-China trade war last year.

US imports of Chinese canned peaches last year were done at USD1,250.34 per tonne cfr (or USD1,097/tonne fob), the lowest rate since 2009 at USD1,113/tonne cfr (or USD993.86/tonne fob), according to customs data.

US imported volumes from China in 2018 increased 18.57% compared with the previous year, totalling 64,800 tonnes. Volumes significantly jumped in October and November, increasing 60% and 45% respectively compared with the same months of 2017.

Several US supermarket chains are planning to source more of their private label canned peaches from China this year.

Overall Chinese canned peach shipments to the US last year represented 67% of the total, with Greece’s market share decreasing to 16.6% – imports from Greece were done at at USD1,830.3/tonne cfr, the highest rate ever.