Prices for Thai canned pineapple have reached a record low this year for both the foodservice and retail deliveries.

However, recently reported market signs suggest this downtrend is about to bottom. In late July, just before Thai pineapple canneries stopped operations for the annual maintenance break before the start of the winter season in October, Thai canned pineapple prices fob Bangkok showed a modest increase for the first time since 2016: standard quality 24×20 oz canned pineapple rings in light syrup went up from USD 11.00 per carton in June to USD 12.00/carton in July; 6Xa10 cartons for the same specification went up from USD 12.00 to USD 14.00. Canned pineapple sources met at Thaifex fair last May in Bangkok said the retail demand for the product was falling and that there was a general positive feeling for growth in the foodservice market. “One-third of our canned pineapple production is destined for foodservice. However, we recently noticed its demand is more stable and even rising, compared with the smaller cans for retail,” explained one local industry source. “Another option is to become raw material suppliers for the industry, such as dried and dehydrated pineapple,” said another Thai canner.